Why Divine Bright LED street Light & Flood Lights









LED’s or Light Emitting Diode is the heart of any LED Luminaries. Quality of LED’s used in Luminaries defines the quality, illumination and longevity of performance life of LED luminaries. At DYAUSMED we have no compromise policy while selecting the right components for our products. All Divine Bright LED Street Lights and Flood Lights are equipped with LED’s from world’s most advanced and trusted LED Manufacturers. Flood and Street Lights offered by DYAUSMED are equipped with OSRAM or equivalent LED’s which offer very high lumen output which takes our LED Luminaries to a totally different level. Experience the illumination brilliance of our Flood and Street Lights to feel the difference.




Excellent Thermal Management

R & D team of DYAUSMED has been consistently engaged in innovating the most efficient Thermal Management Solution. Performance of LED’s is significantly affected by the heat accumulation and quality of heat dissipation used. Most of LED’s loose their performance or are damaged prematurely due to damage done by excessive heating. We at DYAUSMED with our over 12 years experience in LED products understand the importance of good thermal Dissipation. All housing of Divine Bright LED Street Lights and Flood Lights has been designed to provide highly efficient Thermal dissipation system ensuring high performance and long LED life of more than 50000 hours.




Sealed Water Proof Power Supply

Flood Lights and Street lights are designed for outdoor use and can be subject to water exposure like rain, dew etc. Although all the housing of Flood and Street Lights are IP65 waterproof but we have gone a step further in safeguarding our Lights from damage due to fluid seepage. All the Flood and Street Lights of DYAUSMED come with completely sealed and water proof power supplies making it 100% safe for even the most challenging and rough weather conditions.



IP 65 Certified Water proof housing

Safeguarding the Flood and Street Lights from water or liquid seepage and damage is the biggest challenge. We have achieved this safety by using the best Alumunium Die cast housing which are IP65 waterproof making it ideal choice for use in harsh outdoor climate conditions. All housing used in DIVINE Bright Flood and Street Lights are sealed by highest quality gaskets which not only make the housing impermeably to water or fluids but also have very high durability thereby ensuring that all products of DYAUSMED shall serve you for a long duration.



High Quality Workmanship

Quality and Durability of a product are defined not only by right quality of components used to build up the product but it is also defined by the quality Workmanship invested in developing and manufacturing that product. We at DYAUSMED understand the importance of Quality Workmanship which involves precise production and quality parameters with NO QUALITY COMPROMISE policy. All products are rigorously tested at component level and final products are also tested for low and high voltage fluctuations and surge .



Emergency Power Auto Shut Down

Adverse climate conditions can be huge challenge for Flood & Street Lights. Power fluctuations due to short circuits can lead to frequent failure of Flood and Street Lights. All Divine Bright LED Street Lights and Flood Lights are equipped with a safety feature of auto shut down. If power fluctuates below 90V or above 400V the Emergency Power Shut Down feature automatically shuts down the Lights saving them from power surge failure. This feature makes our Flood and Street Lights stay safe in case of severe power fluctuations.